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2.0.0 Source Released.
This is the first beta-level release.

The main new feature is the ability to 'update' existing records.
This feature is accessed on the 'View All' page.

Many other small additions and changes have been made.
A list can be found in the Change Log.

I discovered that this software doesn't work when PHP error reporting is switched on fully.
In order that this application can be used; the following must be done:
The value of 'error_reporting' in php.ini should be set to 'E_ERROR'.
i.e: error_reporting = E_ERROR
This is instead of the usual 'E_ALL'.

2.0.0a4 Source Released.
Next release will be a beta-level application.

I have been delayed by a defective computer so not a great deal of new features.

Adding contacts now works completely and all fields are stored.
Viewing contacts works completely too - the 'View Details' function works.

2.0.0a3 Source Released.
Close to beta-stage.

The minimum specification database server for this application has changed:
MySQL 4.0.16 - The latest is recommended, although MySQL 4.0.2 should work in theory.
I'm just not sure.

Adding contacts works, but only first and last name fields are stored currently.
Viewing contacts works on the same basis as above currently.
Deleting of contacts works faultlessy.
The 'View Details' of a contact should be ignored at this time.

No install script yet, but I will release SQL needed for tables later today.

I will upload some updated screenshots of the new version soon.

First screenshots uploaded. See below.

2.0.0a2 Source Released.
Many small changes in the source.

Software Requirements

This application needs the following software to function properly:

  • Apache HTTP Server 1.3.26
  • PHP 4.3.0
  • MySQL Database Server 4.0.2

  • Recommended (Versions that the test machine is running):
  • Apache HTTP Server 1.3.26
  • PHP 4.3.0
  • MySQL Database Server 4.0.16
  • Screenshots

    Below are links to two screenshots of the software in action:
    Sorry about the rubbish JPEG quality, I will experiment with some different formats soon.

    Main Screen (with debug mode enabled)
    Viewing all contacts (from Version 1, but Version 2 will be same)

    To Do List

    Major Items
  • Search function
  • Registering new users
  • Printing of all/one contact(s)
  • Editing existing contacts

  • Minor Items
  • User changeable styles

  • Free Counters